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The 10 Best TV Shows Of 2020

A collage of stills from 2020 TV shows
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Due to production shutdowns, some shows didn't get to bring out their new seasons or season finales in 2020. However, that doesn't mean that there wasn't enough great television to fill out a top 10 list, quite the opposite actually. Still once again it's important to note that I prefer to make more of ''favourite shows'' lists rather than ''best'' because that's just way more fun and usually makes room for shows of all genres. There was plenty of comedy to help you forget the difficult year as well as fun entertaining shows from big franchise machines (Star Wars, DC etc.). And whenever you got enough of those, there was still beautiful heavy dramas to experience and delve into. This following list is full of shows that I whole-heartedly recommend for you to check out, no matter the genre.

Special Mentions

Amazing shows that I catched up to in 2020 so they weren't featured in earlier lists, deserving special shout-outs.


• Season two of 'Succession' was a massive step up and the first one was already good enough to deserve a recommendation. There is such richness in the characters.


• I know, I know, I'm late to this party since the show wrapped up with this second season. It is still peak comedy in terms of building up jokes and timing, also an improvement from the first season.


• Gut-wrenching miniseries based on a true story, features some wonderful acting from Merritt Wever, Kaitlyn Dever and Toni Collette.


• Another miniseries based on true events which also features a great cast performing at the top of their range. Gorgeously shot, too.


• Show that has gone up and down as far as quality goes but the fifth season manages to shake things up in a refreshing way. Amazingly crafted show still.

Now, the top 10 TV shows of last year:

10. FEEL GOOD (season 1)

• Most fast-paced comedy of the year which just flies by with its swift dialogue and sharp jokes. It also has room to grow if it gets picked up for another season.

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Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie about to kiss in a bar

9. RAMY (season 2)

• One of two shows along with the next one that I didn't review but it is still a high recommendation. Adding Mahershala Ali to act against the star/writer/producer Ramy Youssef elevated the show thematically while the episodes without Ramy (the character) himself also added new perspectives.

MaameYaa Boafo and Ramy Youssef next to each other

8. THE MANDALORIAN (season 2)

• Perhaps the most impressive looking show of the year but 'The Mandalorian' also thrives because there are two great main characters that you actually care about. VFX, sound design, score, it's all there.

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Din Djarin and Grogu leaning on a building


• One series that has no right to be good as it is. In its second season (sensing a theme here), the vampires of Staten Island are even more witty while also providing a ''volleyball coach'' episode that I haven't stopped thinking about.

The series' main cast in a forest

6. DOOM PATROL (season 2)

• Without a proper season finale, 'Doom Patrol' doesn't pack as big of a punch as when debuting but it still might be the most underrated show when it comes to character work. A great score too if that is your kind of thing.

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Negative Man and Diane Guerrero walking on a meadow

5. OZARK (season 3)

• In its third season, 'Ozark' is finally starting to deliver on its promise. Every episode is just great performances after another and this season's addition of Tom Pelphrey in a supporting role even backed up that further. Let's see how the fourth season wraps the story up.

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Jason Bateman and Laura Linney boarding a jet

4. THE BOYS (season 2)

• 'The Boys' came out with possibly the biggest surprise of the year with its second season; it is no longer just an edgy, fun show but now there is a balance for the characters and something to say as well. Doesn't hurt when you have the best villain on TV with Homelander, played menacingly by Antony Starr.

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Tomer Capone, Jack Quaid and Karl Urban in a shop
Prime Video

3. THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT (miniseries)

• Who knew that sports action would make a return in the form of a miniseries about a chess prodigy? The word ''beautiful'' is the right word for 'The Queen's Gambit' as it is one of the most flawless executions of production design, costumes and cinematography working together.

Anya Taylor-Joy with a chess board

2. UNORTHODOX (miniseries)

• Now, 'Unorthodox' came straight out of left field for this list. The most unique show in terms of storytelling and dialogue in a long time and Shira Haas in the lead role delivers a mind-blowing performance.

Shira Haas knee deep in a lake

1. BETTER CALL SAUL (season 5)

• It's been a long time coming but 'Better Call Saul' is here to stay as prestige television. Miraculously, the show has managed to get better with every season (such a rare feat) and that is mostly due to best-in-format writing. The thing is that it also has awards-worthy acting and editing to push it to the limit.

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Bob Odenkirk and Michael Mando on a dirt road

See you in 2021.

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