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The site: After Misery is a film and television publication that was created in January 2020 in order to provide thoughtful, high-quality criticism and to cover movies and TV shows that provoke fascinating conversations. Ever since its humble beginnings, the site's mission has been to curate experiences and add to those conversations alongside the readers who range from casual movie and TV fans to those who consider themselves to be extremely devoted cinephiles. After Misery revels in celebrating and introducing new, interesting voices just as much as it appreciates those who have already paved the way with their thought-provoking art. 

The founder: Hi, my name is Samu Jonas (initials S.J.) and I write about film and TV over here at After Misery. In addition to continual film and TV criticism, I've also covered festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW Film Festival. Hopefully you enjoy everything that you read on this site. 

The ratings: Ratings are often the first and only thing people look at when it comes to film and TV reviews, however, there’s usually a little bit more to them than meets the eye. On After Misery, movies and shows aren't necessarily in competition with one another, and instead it's fairer to look at them based on their own qualities and how much you enjoy those specific qualities. For example, you certainly look for completely different things in horror than you do in romantic comedies. Every review of a film or series is rated between 0.5 (lowest) and 5.0 (highest) stars. The almighty, special 0.0 is reserved only for those that are too vile to even be mentioned, therefore you won’t find reviews of them here. 


What kind of films and TV shows can I contact After Misery about as a publicist, distributor etc.?

We cover narrative feature films and TV series. Please don't spam our email about VR experiences, reality shows, talk show specials, podcasts, live events or web series, we don't write about them as of now. By using your own good judgement, you can send screener links to documentary features, narrative or documentary short films and comedy specials but note that we don't write about them on the site. We try our best to check them out and make social media posts about them. 

What kind of advertisement opportunities do you offer?

Since After Misery is a site about movies and TV shows, we like inquiries related to them (new films/series, related events, FYC content, etc.) but that's not a hard line. 

- Get a banner ad that is shown across the site.

- Sponsor a review (''This review is brought to you by [your product]''. Possible additional info at the bottom of the review). 

- Get a sponsored Instagram story. 

- We're also looking to add a brand new section for trailers and teasers so feel free to get in touch about those. 

Use the email address on the contact page and give short, clear descriptions about what you’re looking for. We'll get back to you about your inquiry with placements, rates and everything else if we are interested. 

What do the Smileys and Frowneys mean in your reviews?

They aren't always comparable from one review to another and neither are they only things worth mentioning about the film/series. The purpose of a Smiley is to highlight something that makes the film/series especially enjoyable or impressive, you can consider it as a pat on the back or something to keep an eye on while watching.

Frowneys also aren't as harsh as they might sound as they can act as feedback to filmmakers in terms of what to improve on when their next project rolls around. Sometimes a Frowney can be an underwhelming, underwritten or poorly executed element of a film/series. For the viewer, they are mostly just warning labels that you might want to be wary of. 

Hi S.J., I'm (X Y) from another film outlet/magazine/organisation and we enjoy your writing/work. Would you be available to write for us/be part of a programming team or jury, and how may we approach you?

Let's chat about that. Use the email address on the contact page.

Do you have logos that you can download?

Yes. Mini examples are below. Use the button above the example to download the real thing in full size.

After Misery's logo with the text ''all things film & television'' underneath it.
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