About After Misery: I started reviewing films more casually on social media platforms in January 2018, later also expanding to seasons of TV series. They usually featured a visual element in the style of the film/show while the text was on top of it. In 2019 as the year went on, the number of reviews began increasing every month while I found myself really enjoying breaking down what I liked and cared less for about things that I was watching so I got the idea to do it a bit more ”professionally”. Unfortunately I messed up with the original picture files as I was getting ready to transfer them during December (though now there are small snippets of 2019 film reviews on one post on After Misery). 

On January 1st, 2020 I created this site, aftermisery.com, and did a whole rebrand including the social media. Posting reviews became a bit more consistent and that is where After Misery is at right now. Hopefully you enjoy what you read here.


About the ratings: Ratings are often the first and only thing people look at when it comes to film & tv reviews, however there’s usually a bit more to them. On After Misery I don’t always stack up things against each other but instead I like to look at them based on their own qualities and how much I enjoy those specific qualities. For example, I get different things out of horror than I do from romantic comedies. Every review of a film or a season of television series is rated between 0.5 (lowest) and 5.0 (highest) stars. The almighty, special 0.0 is reserved only for those that are too vile to even be mentioned or said aloud. Therefore you won’t find reviews of those here. Following examples aren’t true for every case and for those the review should provide explanation but for some they do apply:

0.5 (no)

1.0 (doesn’t work for me)

1.5 (boring-ish)

2.0 (not bad but don’t really care for it)

2.5 (slightly disappointing, not quite enough to deserve a recommendation)

3.0 (enjoyable, just positive enough to be a recommendation)

3.5 (good for me)

4.0 (bunch to like here)

4.5 (almost there, liked it a lot)

5.0 (loved it)