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‘Feel Good’ Season 1 Review

Since we are accustomed to comedy series being longer in terms of number of episodes, it’s nice once in every blue moon to get a snappy six episode one. Feel Good on its first season moves forward rapidly which in fact is its best feature because that stands out, especially on Netflix’s catalogue where I came upon it. Bunch to love here: uniqueness, confident visual look and on-to-the-point dialogue.

The cast is just purely solid all around which is pretty rare for a new show. Typically there are still some cogs trying to find their place in the wheel so it’s always a good sign when the actors work from the get go. Then if you want to up the show to the next level in upcoming seasons, you have the room to let one or two actors really take off. The main couple, Mae Martin (as Mae) and Charlotte Ritchie (as George), have superb screen chemistry and their dialogue is one part of the show’s uniqueness. Supporting cast like Lisa Kudrow (Linda), Ritu Arya (Lava) and Sophie Thompson (Maggie) each expand the type of humour that is present.

As the main character Mae is a comedian, the scripts do rely heavily on the jokes, build-ups and delivery. All of those three things work great and it keeps you as a viewer chuckling regularly. With the fast paced dialogue and reactionary comedy, the show gets to say a lot more than many others do in more episodes. Ally Pankiw worked as the director for all six episodes as did most of the department heads which helps the show visually come off well, neon colour palettes taken from comedy clubs was a good choice. Couple things could though be raised to the level of other visuals: sets and art. That’s probably where budget comes to play but for a show so distinct in other avenues, the sets could use a bit more character.

Smileys: Casting, humour, dialogue, directing

Frowneys: Set decoration

Feeling good about this.


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