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‘The Farewell’ Review

The Farewell is one of the most heartfelt movies out there. It’s a film which deals with a loss of a loved one who is still among us and mixes it with dignity or pride that you wish to leave with from this world. Biographical to writer/director herself, Lulu Wang is making a mark with this one.

It’s very rare nowadays that the story of a movie surprises you by being extremely original. The Farewell does this. Sprinkling in some heartbreaking conversations between characters, Wang’s screenplay is worthy of the brilliant concept of a film. Playing the tough-but-full-of-love grandmother that we as viewers instantly connect to, Zhao Shuzhen (Nai Nai) brings out one of the better supporting performances of 2019. Her and Awkwafina (Billi) are absolutely captivating pair to watch.

The Farewell doesn’t really have much dragging it down, neither from technical or performance side. The wedding of Hao Hao and Aiko doesn’t really serve the overall story and takes you a bit out of the movie. I feel like that there was something left on the table regarding the family relationships.

Smileys: Originality, Zhao Shuzhen, Awkwafina, screenplay

Frowneys: Wedding subplot isn’t strong enough

It pulls your heartstrings, makes you want to call your grandparent and is a showcase of Lulu Wang’s talent as a writer.


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