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‘Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’ Review

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker turned out to be very vanilla. While it takes advantage of its mega-budget with some fantastic set pieces and effects, the story itself is the safest of the safe. I must say that when walking out of the theater, I felt quite emotionless despite seeing an end to a saga.

Despite a lot of re-introductions of classic Star Wars music, John Williams’ score in this one is a gift to the ears. The movie throws so much(!) new information in your way but the score makes the scenery transitions feel less jarring. Star Wars is known for its ambitious set pieces and the production design does live up to it extremely well. It’s rather artistically combined with some of the best visual effects money can buy and viewers’ eyes are always treated with something worth watching. As far as the acting goes, Adam Driver is giving his all to portray the relief and anguish Kylo goes through. Daisy Ridley gives possibly her best physical and emotional acting so far seen in the trilogy and Oscar Isaac brings some levity and laughs that is much needed.

Where the movie really stumbles is the script and story decisions. The dialogue written by J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio is cliche-y, woeful and outright boring. There are some downfalls in the middle third that get resolved the most easy way possible which keep repeating, making nothing have any risks or sense of real danger. There are also plot conveniences that don’t really change anything about the plot and the return of Palpatine seems to be only for fans as he never seems to be in control over his actions.

Smileys: Production design, score, Adam Driver

Frowneys: Screenplay, characterisation, story, structure

The Rise Of Skywalker is nothing to write home about but it might work for you if you consider yourself a super fan of the franchise.