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‘Uncut Gems’ Review

Uncut Gems is quite an adrenaline rush to get through. The Safdie Brothers (Josh and Benny) have created a film that keeps building and escalating from the first moment we see Howard Ratner (played by Adam Sandler) until the very end. It has this unrelenting pace which keeps the viewer in its grip and there is an ending that’s not usually the outcome these kind of movies have, instead it will probably make a lot of people quite mad.

I can very confidently say that this is a film carried by amazing editing. Storybeats and dialogue happens in such speed that it really needs a strong backbone like that. Adam Sandler shines like a star here, in a role which he is deservedly so getting the probably most praise he’s ever got. He portrays Howard with just enough sadness, annoyance and desperation. Daniel Lopatin’s score is on par with Sandler, the pulsating synth is pumping as Howard is just trying to win big.

In scenes though where there is dialogue, score and sound designing going on at the same time, there is a blaring mistake when it comes to mixing. There seems to be important stuff spoken between characters which is hard to comprehend. This happens quite a few times. Some scenes including Howard and his family come off as fat that could’ve been cut as they break the tension and anxiety of the plot.

Smileys: Editing, Adam Sandler, score, Julia Fox

Frowneys: Sound mixing

Uncut Gems is a gamble worth taking.


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