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‘Klaus’ Review

Klaus might’ve turned out to be the best Christmas movie of the decade. Filled with a gorgeous aesthetic of the northern hemisphere and a touch of nostalgic feel in the animation, it’s a heartfelt take on a Santa Claus’ origin story. With all that being said, the best part of it all might be that it doesn’t rely solely on Christmas time, it has a rewatchability factor in it for any season.

There’s a lot of things working for Klaus: biggest thing is the story (by director and co-writer Sergio Pablos) which was a genuine surprise with its slight left turns when compared to other movies about Santa. They made the plot refreshing and also a moment in the last third of the film hit much harder because of them. The voice acting is some of the best of the year when it comes to animated films and the characters are introduced to a viewer with ease while also making you care about them. Also, a nice touch with leaving out the translations for the Sami language.

Klaus is one of the rare films where there’s no real downsides to it but also doesn’t quite have the *it* factor. There is some minor pacing issues in the middle third that rush the plot forward a bit too much but it doesn’t worsen the movie much. When it comes to animated features though, this competes for the best of the year.

Smileys: Animation, story, voice acting, characterisation

Frowneys: Pacing

A must-add for your Christmas movie rotation.


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