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‘6 Underground’ Review

6 Underground is Michael Bay-ism at its Michael Bay-est. At its best? Not so much. It’s loud, obnoxious and insanely difficult viewing experience. This is like taking every wrong lesson from the Fast & Furious franchise and putting it into barely connected storylines.

While it would be easy to just write about all the things that went wrong, it’d be a shame if I didn’t mention the flawless stunt choreography. When you’re dealing with this amount of cars, explosions and even parkour, it needs to look smooth and all of it does. Well done stunt crew.

Where the movie falls especially flat to the ground like a stuntman, is a mixture of things. First of all, this might take the win in most cuts per minute. It’s laughable and makes you feel like you can’t even blink in two hours. The camera movement made me feel nauseous at points as there was nothing to focus on the screen. And competing with the editing for the worst part is the soundtrack which is like a bar’s jukebox that different drunken people are using. The songs seem mostly out of place in every instance.

Smileys: Stunt choreography

Frowneys: Editing, soundtrack, directing, screenplay

Even Ryan Reynolds can’t save this one. Best kept six feet under.


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