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‘The Two Popes’ Review

The Two Popes is something that when you explain the premise of it, really doesn’t make you want to watch it. I mean it really is mostly just two popes having a chat for couple hours and you’re back to how things are now. However there is just enough here to surprise you.

The most surprising thing about the film is that it’s actually quite funny and quirky (meant as a compliment). There’s really no preaching or anything overly religious, instead the dialogue between the popes is full of great banter with a hint of life lessons. Direction by Fernando Meirelles is solid as his two leads Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins are fantastic in their roles while the art direction/set decoration is a real treat as well.

As much as the sets look great, it’s a bit hard to experience it due to wonky cinematography and direction. Much of the film’s excitement comes from the two main actors but it’s constantly combined with many disorienting shots of things and surroundings that seem to be there just to exist.

Smileys: Dialogue, set decoration, acting

Frowneys: Cinematography, premise

At the end of the day, it’s quite lovely to see popes just casually having beers and watching football.


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