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‘The Lighthouse’ Review

Director and co-writer Robert Eggers' sophomore film The Lighthouse is a captivating ride from beginning to an end. The film makes you feel like you’re also going insane just like the main characters and that’s what is beautiful about it. No shot is uninteresting, no monologue is wasted with pretentiousness and no humour comes off out-of-place.

There is some best-of-the-year level cinematography here, thanks to Jarin Blaschke. His work makes this movie a real treat to the eye while also paying sort of an homage to legends of the past that shot black and white. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe put their best foot forward in their roles, especially the former who does a career-best performance here. Sound design of The Lighthouse goes wonderfully with Mark Korven’s chilling score, creating the same sense of isolation portrayed by the visuals.

Some of the scenes that play with hallucinations or disorientation don’t come off as gracefully as much of the film. This might be due to the black-and-white colors which makes it difficult to viewer to take them as an experience.

Smileys: Acting, cinematography, sound design, score, dialogue

Frowneys: Some issues with the editing towards the end

The Lighthouse is carefully crafted piece of art that no doubt will be shown in film schools for years to come, deservedly so.


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